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Outdoor Wrought Iron Metal Double Plate Wall Bracket

outdoor wall bracket

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Introducing a designer drapery hardware system in wrought iron that can be used outdoors. The brackets are really what makes this collection versatile, allowing many different configurations. The simple hook bracket can be mounted on a wall and features a double back plate for strength. This collection has the tools to be creative and you are not limited by function. Many outdoor spaces may have need for more than one type of bracket so mix and match according to your space as long as the return is the same measurement.

The applications inside your home are only limited by your imagination.

Coated especially for outdoor use the Casa Artistica line features:
powder coated components for outdoor use.
Double mounting plate for extra strength.
Simple hook wall mount.
simple brackets for all mounting requirements
(set screw and an allen wrench provided to secure the pole.)
Available in Gold, Bronze, Black and Gunmetal.
The bracket is for use with the 1 1/4" smooth round metal pole or the twist poles.
Sold each. This listing is for one Simple Hook Bracket.
Measures 4" long x 1.5" x 1 7/8". The return is 3.5" (how far the pole sits from the wall, brackets that have the same return measurement can be used together).


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Outdoor Wrought Iron Double Plate Wall Bracket
Price: $40.00
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