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Scalloped Leaf Drapery Tieback

Scalloped Leaf Tieback


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Tiebacks should be as stylish as the drapery it holds. Larger than our regular tiebacks for holding fuller drapery and have more presence in rooms with taller ceilings. The extension arm may be removed from the faceplate and replaced with the larger 6" extension arm if needed. The scalloped leaf design is classic and can also be used as a top treatment. The finish is compatible with any of the drapery hardware.

Cast in resin and beautifully finished in your choice of aged white, antique silver, antique black, faux wood, gilded gold or bronze. An entire line of drapery hardware completely customizable for your style.

Measures 5.5" Long, 6.5" wide with 3.5" return.

Extenders may be purchased to extend the return to 6".


Item #WOT06
Scalloped Leaf Tiebacks
Price: $50.00 each
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