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Wrought Iron Metal Cut Pole Adapter

Wrought Iron Cut Pole Adapter

Add more flexibility with your wrought iron drapery pole. The poles can be cut to length by and installer. Passage does not custom cut the wrought iron poles.

The pole adapter must be used when you want to mount a finial without a collar onto a CUT pole. This item can only be used with the smooth round poles and the finials pictured below

The adapter can be ordered in the following finishes: gold, bronze, black, and gunmetal.

Measures 1.75" long, 1.5" deep

Finials to be used with the adapter

Step One: When a smooth round pole is cut to a specific length by an installer, this eliminates the screw hole at the end of the pole. The installer will need to replace the end with the adapter (K72235), in order to screw on a finial.
step 2 pole adapter

Step Two: The adapter is then places over the cut end of the pole, resulting in the ability to screw on a finial.
Step 3 pole adapter

Step Three: The adapter is then tightened onto the pole with the set screw.
step 4 pole adapter

Step Four: The finial is then screwed into the end of the adapter.
Wrought Iron Finish samples


Add even more flexibility to your drapery options with this pole connector to extend the length of the wrought iron poles.

It is always best to place the joint in the center of the poles for strength and functionality. This connector can only be used with the smooth round poles. Choose one to match your pole selection. Available in Gold, Bronze, Black and Gunmetal. This elbow is for use with the round metal pole only.

Measures 3.5" long, 2" high, and 2" wide.


Item #K72235
Wrought Iron Cut Pole Adapter
Price: $30.00 each, ON SALE $20.00
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