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In November 2010

11-23-2010 A new line of environmentally friendly drapery hardware, Urban Dwellings available now!

In July 2010

07-20-2010 Over the next few weeks or so you may notice the site changing around, we are performing a huge upgrade so please bear with us. We hope you like the new layout! If you have any problems or suggestions please email me.

07-16-2010 Check out the new items in Home Accessories! The Vitruvian Collection has several new pieces and there are two new collections. Museum Of Modern Objects and The Gift Of Music.

07-10-2010 Many of the Wrought Iron drapery pieces are on sale up to 50%! The out of stock items in the Vitruvian and Historical Wonders Collection are now ready to order.

In February 2010

02-22-2010 All out of stock items in the Vitruvian and the Historical Wonders Bookends will be available for purchase in April.

In November 2009

11-02-2009 The wrought iron Collection is our newest offering in drapery hardware. Beautiful forged iron rods, finials, rings, brackets, tiebacks and top treatments.

In September 2008

09-02-2008 The Royal crown is our special for the month! Get it at 20% off the regular price during September.

Available the end of this month, an exciting collection in wrought iron with four finishes complete with Finials, poles, brackets, tiebacks and top treatments.

In August 2008

08-29-2008 New items in Home Accessories! Oversized Gilded Pears, Glass Dome Pastry Stand, Ceramic Balls with number and letters, Apothecary Jar with spigot, Brass bird and Mannequin Head!

In January 2008

01-02-2008 Passage is celebrating 10 years online this year and to start off our year long celebration, we are offering our two most popular items at a special price for January. The Gilded Gold and the Aged White French style bed crowns will be $200.00 for a limited time!

In November 2007

11-09-07 Two new statues in the Vitruvian Collection! Boy Angel On One Knee and The Kiss Vase.

In April 2007

04-09-07 New drapery hardware The European Collection featuring two finishes, Palatial Gold and Tuscan.

In January 2007

01-22-07 Many new items in the Vitruvian Collection and one new bookend in the Historical Wonders.

In June 2006

06-22-06 New Items in Home Accessories! The Vitruvian Collection, bookends, The Rue De Paris Collection, Hagemann School Charts, lamps, display cases, mirrors and shadow boxes.

In February 2006

02-06-06 New Items! New bookends have been added to the Historical Wonders Collection in accessories. Many new items in drapery hardware and accessories to be added within the next few days.

In August 2005

08-11-05 New Item! Traverse Rod Systems in the Drapery Hardware Collection

08-10-05 The Bamboo poles are back in stock and ready to order!

In June 2005

06-23-05 A new collection of drapery hardware is available in Antique Black! A new bed crown has been added that coordinates with the Cirque line of drapery hardware.

Sorry to say but the Bamboo poles are sold out and will not be available until the end of August. Check back at that time.

In March 2005

03-28-05 The Bamboo Drapery Hardware line is now available for ordering. Added a new tieback style and decorative traverse rods. Soon to add a line of Dupioni Silks in solids, plaids and stripes as well as a drapery and upholstery fabrics!

In December 2004

12-28-04 We are working on new drapery hardware pages. There are new finial designs and the glass finials are back. Soon we will will have a Bamboo line and gorgeous decorative traverse rods. Happy Holidays!

12-07-04 The redesigned Aged White Bed Corona is back in stock.

12-06-04 Added a new drapery hardware line. The whimsical Cirque De Paris is available in two color ways, lavender and copper.

In November 2004

11-29-04 Beaded handbags and yoga pillows are on sale starting at 40% off the regular price. Added new art prints in the Museum Category. Please refresh the page if the links are not visible.

The gold leaf page has been revised, sorry I did not realize the payment links were so out of date. For the man who called from Louisiana about the gold leaf, the message was erased during a thunderstorm and we could not return your call.

11-18-04 Finally the art print section is up and running. We will be adding more categories and prints as time goes on, so check back, we may have just what you need.

11-11-04 A few new beaded handbags are here... take a look.

11-09-04 Many items in Home Accessories and Drapery Hardware have been discontinued and we have sold all that we had in stock. New items in Drapery Hardware will be added soon. The mirrored lamps will now be available on an order only basis. If you are interested in this item let us know and we will order from the manufacturer. They are handmade but it does not take too long to get them and we will check first to let you know.

In October 2004

10-01-04 Still working on the new site design so please excuse any broken links or errant pages.
The Large White Corona will be out of stock until 2005.

In April 2004

04-20-04 Beautiful Yoga Box and tufted Sari Pillows from India in two sizes 24" and 16" added to Home Accessories. New Giftwrap Papers have been added. Floral paintings, animal prints, world maps and much more!

04-01-04 Finally, a new site design that is hopefully easier to use. There are still a few unfinished pages and some links lead to old pages but we are working hard to finish.

In January 2004

01-09-2004 A New Bed Crown has arrived! You can find it in Home Accessories. New Cat eye Glasses picture frames have been added.

01-05-2004 The Gilded Corona is back in stock with some adjustments. Just as beautiful but better!

01-01-2004 Happy New Year! It's hard to believe that Passage has been online for 5 years! Thanks to all my wonderful customers!

In December 2003

12-15-03 Gorgeous ceiling medallions have been added to Home Accessories.

12-10-03 The Sweetheart Handbag in the Wedding collection is back in stock! New handbags added to the Deco and Holiday Collections. Many of the beaded handbags are on SALE of limited quantities.

The most beautiful beaded peacock scarf can be found in the Clothing Link.

A new bed crown has been added in accessories The Fleur De Lis.

In November 2003

11-24-03 More new Beaded Handbags have been added in the Victorian and Wedding Categories and a NEW Collection... DECO with more on the way.

In September 2003

09-24-03 More new Beaded Handbags have been added in the Bombay, the Floral, and the Thoroughly Modern Collections.

In August 2003

08-31-03 New beaded handbags are here. Three new selections in the Embroidered Collection and more to be posted. also look for beautiful new Photo Frames.

On the technical side, email is being used as a spoof email address for the virus. Apparently there is nothing we can do about it but rest assured the emails are not coming from us or our ISP. They use spoofed emails as a front and as a return path.

In February 2003

02-02-03 I am very excited about the French Style bed crowns and coronas that have just arrived. They come in two styles and finishes, gilded and an aged white. Check them out in Accessories!

In January 2003

01-14-03 What better way to start the new year than with new beaded handbags. You will find a new collection for weddings and new purses in the Victorian and Opulent Collection. There are more on the way.

Happy New Year!

In December 2002

12-17-02 Many handbags are on sale just in time for Christmas, some are even half price. Quantities are limited. The last shipping date will be 12-23-02 and will resume on 12-27-02. If you need one for Christmas please contact me before ordering.

Happy Holidays!

In September 2002

09-30-02 New Handbags have been added to the Victorian Collection and a few are back in stock. More on the way as well as new tussie mussies and velvet flowers.

A new category Accessories has been added. At the moment you will find Wire hat stands, wire shoes and wire hats, more will be added in the next few days. Also the Velvet Pansy Bouquet is available once again in the Flower Collection.

In July 2002

07-27-02 New Handbags are here and more to come. New purses in The Victorian, Thoroughly Modern, Floral, and Bombay Collections!

07-16-02 New Handbags coming soon! Along with more beautiful things we just have to have!

In September 2001

09-09-01 Posted the last of the New Handbags in the Floral and Thoroughly Modern Collections. Added another new cat a gory, The Embroidery Collection. Don't miss these beautiful purses. New items are still coming! Be on the lookout for beaded and embroidered clothing, beautiful Christmas ornaments, and heirloom quality keepsakes.

Reminding you again that the beaded handbag site has been moved to my permanent domain so there are no more annoying pop ups. If you have reached the old site and you will know when you spend more time closing windows than browsing.

In August 2001

08-27-01 The new handbags, velvet flowers, tussie musie holders and lots of interesting gift items are finally here. I am working constantly to update my pages. Check back often new things are added every day. Two new handbag collections, the Bombay and the Pendant Collection.

Also I have moved these pages to my permanent site so there are no more annoying pop ups. If you have reached the old site and you will know when you spend more time closing windows than browsing.
A big thanks to all my customers old and new, you are a wonderful group of people!

In May 2001

05-30-01 The wedding season has depleted most of my stock. July and August there will be new items as well as more of our favorites! Check back, if you see something not in stock now it will be here soon.

In March 2001

03-03-01 I know the pop ups. on this site are, to say the least annoying. A little tip until this site is moved to my permanent site. When the popup first shows it's face, minimize it and it will stay in the task bar so you can browse without interruption. Some have had problems with the ordering system. If you have a problem do not hesitate to send an email.

In January 2001

01-25-01 Lot's of new things for the new year! First a new look. Seems everything was getting out of hand with all the new gift items added this month, so Passage begins the year anew. Added new Rhinestone Picture Frames, Velvet Flowers, Tussie Mussies and Victorian Photo Albums and Journals.
Several Beaded handbags on Sale so get them while they last!

In December 2000

12-20-00 Please note the address and phone number change. Passage has finally moved and will be bringing you new and exciting things in the new year!

In October 2000

10-12-00 The embroidered Rose Handbag is back in stock! Check the The Opulent Collection for details. I have also listed my Ebay Auctions this week featuring a beautiful custom vintage chandelier. Don't miss this one ends 10-17-00!

In September 2000

09-15-00 New beaded handbag collection! The Petite Collection.
09-11-00 Finally the handbags are here! There are also a couple of new handbags in the Opulent Collection. Rhinestone picture frames are new and they are beautiful! You may have noticed the change on the beaded handbags page, new bags and I am going for a new look to help keep everything organized. One more announcement this month, Passage is offering all of the Black Elegance handbags at half price! There are not many left!

In July 2000

07-24-00 The Embroidered Gold Metallic and the Lily of the Valley Handbags are in!
07-18-00 Three new handbags in the Fanciful Collection!
07-15-00 One new handbag in the Fanciful Collection!

In June 2000

06-15-00 One new handbag in the Opulent Collection and Passage is now offering one-of-a-kind Vintage handbags!

In May 2000

05-01-00 April Showers bring May Handbags! New Spring Fling Collection! Passage now accepts credit card payments through PayPal. Soon to have a Pay Pal button on every page.

In February 2000

02-17-00 The New Beaded Handbags I have added the Opulent Collection of Beaded Handbags.

In January 2000

01-28-00 The New Beaded Handbags many new styles in black including reticules and envelope bags. Also a boxy multi colored beaded bag.

In December 1999

12-07-99 The Leopard Beaded Handbag is back in stock.

In November 1999

11-8-99 New beaded Handbag: The Messenger Bag.
11-7-99 SALE On Selected Beaded Handbags. (Only a few left).
11-6-99 New Beaded Handbags.

In September 1999

9-9-99 added 4 new Beaded Handbags and the Leopard print handbag is back in stock.

In September 1999

9-9-99 added 4 new Beaded Handbags and the Leopard print handbag is back in stock.