Instructions For Hanging Bed Crowns & Coronas

We do recommend the bed crowns be hung by a professional installer but are offering instructions for the "do it yourself" types. The instructions below are a secure method for hanging on sheetrock and are approved by the manufacturer.

Items needed:

1/2" thick plywood

4 large threaded bolts with washers

4 wood screws or wall anchors

Bed crown diagram

Cut the 1/2" thick plywood to fit the dimensions of the back indentation of bed crown you have purchased. Place the board on the back of the bed crown and mark the location of the existing holes. Drill the holes countersinking them. On your wall, find the studs, mark the placement on the board, pre-drill four smaller holes (countersunk). Insert the four large bolts with washers into the holes on the board so the threaded ends are facing outward with the heads against the wall. Mount the board to the wall using wall anchors rated no less than 50 lbs.

Place the crown's hole openings onto the bolts and anchor with washers and wing nuts. Gently tighten the nuts, too much could crack the bed crown. Using this method for sheetrock is secure and will withstand even the heaviest of drapery treatments.

bed crown instructions

The drapery for the bed crown should be made with a rod pocket which slips onto the rod at the split. The rod can be removed from the bed crown for easier installation.

split bed crown & corona rod