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Drapery Poles

The drapery poles are available in two diameter sizes, three sizes in length, six finishes for the 2" diameter poles and seven finished for the 1 3/8" diameter poles. Solid wood poles with a fluted design and two finishes in the smooth poles allows for cutting or joining to fit your needs. You will also find decorative finials, brackets, and rings in coordinating sizes and finishes. Available in Gilded Gold, antique silver, faux wood, aged white, gilded wood (1 3/8" only), Palatial gold or bronze.

When joining poles please keep in mind that the joint will be stronger if placed in the center. For example, if you need 10 feet it is better to join two 6' poles and cut from each end than joining a 4 and a 6. A center support bracket may be used to cover the joint and lends strength to the pole.

To preserve the finish when cutting a pole, use masking tape and cut in the center of the tape. This will prevent the wood from splintering and the finial apron hides any roughness from the new cut.

Finish sample chips may be ordered here

2" Diameter Poles and 1 3/8" Diameter Poles

2 inch Menagerie drapery poles

1 3/8 inch Menagerie drapery poles


Drapery Pole Hardware Accessories

Drapery Pole Flexible Elbow Drapery Pole Rod Connectors