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Urban Dwellings 1 3/8" Tribeca Finial

1 3/8 Nroca Finial


The Tribeca 1 3/8" finial features graduated turned wood sections for a more traditional look. A handcrafted work of art. All 1 3/8" compatible finials in the Urban Dwellings collection have collars so they mount perfectly over the ends of the Metro Poles. The finial collar gives your installation a cosmetically finished appearance.

Choose one for your decor in ebony, walnut, urban bronze, or fruitwood.

A more environmentally friendly drapery hardware line featuring kiln dried sustainable woods hand finished with lead-free paints.

The finial measures 4.5" long and 2.25" wide, fitting the 1 3/8" Metro poles.


Item #F010
1 3/8 " Tribeca Finial
Price: $37.00 each
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